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Meet Our Crew

Originally located at 800 France St., we're now at our permanent home on St. Claude. Our newly built kitchen lets the team get creative with pizza and other specialty dishes. Pizza chef Stephen learned the tools of the trade, starting in his teens, making pies in NYC.  Chef Ross Muggivan recently joined the crew bringing his international flare with specials like Guinness stew and spicy curries. Head cook Richie brings a southern touch with his famous fried chicken and spicy mac and cheese.

New Orleans, he was bitten by the charm of the city. He moved to New Orleans in 2002 and decided the Bywater was ready for some great pizza. He opened the first Sugar Park at 800 France St. and after a five year stint there in a rental property with a small kitchen, decided it was time to open a new location where things could be more permanent. And here we are...Sugar Park's new home with a first class kitchen!


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